About Us

In 1989 two men started an indoor archery league at St. Joseph Hall. It was decided that the money that was profited off of this league would be used to purchase a few 3-D targets and a couple of home-made ones. We then had our first shoot in spring of 1990. There were 25 shooters that had entered the tournament that day. We thought that we did very well for our first shoot.

We then re-invested the money, tournament after tournament, and slowly built up the club. We got permission to use other ranches, and our shooters increased. That year we were the only archery club in the Hill Country. For many years we made our own trophies. We have to give the shooters credit for making the club as good as it is today, along with all the club workers.

We have had help from other clubs, like the Amistad Bowhunter Club in Del Rio. In return we loan targets out to some of the other clubs in our area to help get archery started in the Hill Country. Kerrville, Valley Springs, and Marble Falls all had clubs open up and it was really nice to see. Now over the years they have fallen away, but with Camp Bullis, Canyon Lake, and Lampasas there are still other clubs around.

Archery is a great sport and we are glad to be a part of it. This is a great club and we are proud of it and all that it stands for. We have a great membership team, and some really good workers, to help insure that the tournaments that we host are safe and fun for the whole family. Everybody is welcome.