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The 2019 Season Has Begun!

Meets are held the third Sunday of each month on different Texas Hill Country Ranches.


Call for new dates.

$20 (adult and youth) Cubs $5 (8-13 years)
Mini-cubs, 7 years and under are free.
Immediate Families OF 4 $55 $5.00 PER PERSON EXTRA OVER 4

Please bring CASH or Check only.

Up to three shooters 1st place only awarded.
4-7 shooters 1st and 2nd place awarded.
8 or more shooters 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awarded.


Introducing the Range Finder Class for Men and Women. Details at the August Shoot.

Men’s Women’s Youth (14-17) Cubs (8-13) Mini Cubs (7 and Under)
Open (except
Traditional Boys Boys
Unlimited Compound Girls Girls
Bow Hunter Range Finder
Range Finder


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  • Sharon Fluitt says:

    I want to Thank A lot who has made some Donations to our August shoot this month for our raffle prizes.
    We have Lochte Feed: who donated a Swivel Tree Stand fits any tree.
    Kustom Klean Car Wash: here in Fredericksburg $50.00 credit for a wash
    David’s Pit BBQ: $ 25.00 gift Certificate
    Sonic: $20.00 gift card
    Napa Auto: 2 9pc screwdriver sets
    Mamacitas: 4 gift certificates
    Jason Maurer: EZ Gut Knife
    Fritztown Cinema: Movie passes
    MR. Gatii’s Pizza: Pizza 2 large 1 topping
    Hartcraft Taxidermy: 5 Whitetail Board Mount
    Express Lube: oil change
    Plus we will have all our other prizes on the table so bring that green stuff out!!
    Please Bring your lawn chairs also we need all the chairs we can get… We will have drinks for sale going around on the course bring change. Bring lots of friends can’t wait to see ya

  • Sharon Fluitt says:

    Hi Everyone and Happy New Year. Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and are having a great start to the New Year!
    Its almost that time again for tournaments. Hope you all are ready. We start back in February. I wanted to let everyone know who are 2018 Archery Club officials are.
    President – Nelson Fluitt
    Vice President- David Feller
    Treasurer- Sharon Fluitt
    Secretary- Sonja Neutze

    If anyone has questions or concerns please let any of us know. Also don’t forget we have FaceBook page also. Check it out and see all the post. Like us/ Follow us and tell all your friends and family. Y’all come shoot with us. We will have our monthly meeting in January 15th at Mr. Gattis. We will discussion shoots, where, when and what time the shoots will be. We also will have a T-BOT shoot this year again and ASA shoot. Check back for dates & time
    Thank all of you again.
    Sharon Fluitt

  • Sharon Fluitt says:

    Hello everyone,

    We wanted to say this year we want to see if any business owners or if you know any owners if they would like to

    make a donations to our club for raffle prizes this year. We do raffle every month except for TBOT shoots.

    We will continue to have the raffle but, would love to have donations if all possible.

    We will make all donations know on our website and our Face Book page thanking each.

    Thank you for always supporting us

    We will post the dates and locations of each shoot this month.

    Thank you,

    Sharon Fluitt

  • Sharon Fluitt says:

    Hello everyone just a note to let you know we updated the schedule so check it out. And we will now have a Cross Bow group. We do ask if you plan on coming and using one we would like a heads up just to make sure we have the appropriate stake for your class in case we don’t get anyone. Thanks again and see you all in February

  • Craig says:

    Is your range restricted to members or tournament use? I’ve been trying to find a 3D target range where my daugther and I can shoot for fun? I’ve been surprised to find very little in the San Antonio area. I would appreciate it if you could provide any help.

    Thank you,

    • Sharon Fluitt says:

      Hi Craig,
      You may come and shoot for fun. You do not have to compete. We ask that you keep score and turn it in so we have a total on people on the range. Everything will be the same as if you were competing. But, we all like to have fun. 30 targets are at each and all 3D. We would love to have you and your daughter come shoot. Please come and enjoying it. And you do not have to be a member this is for anyone who shoots archery. Young, old, woman, men and children all ages.Please bring anyone and shoot… we would love for you to take our schedule and hand them out or leave at other locations in SA..
      Thank you

  • Cheryl Bennett says:

    Hello, Do you have a beginners clinic?

    • Sharon Fluitt says:

      Hey Cheryl,
      You sign up in what ever class you shoot. Each one has a certain stake that is all the same in each class. Each target is set a certain yardage. You yourself make that guess just as you would in hunting. Ranges are not allowed to be discussed with shooters. But, shoot what you are comfortable with. If you have a range finder you may use it and sign up in that class. But, you still can not discuss the yardage. Hope all this helps. Also we can put you with another shooter who knows the rules. We allow at least 4 shooters in a group.

  • Sharon Fluitt says:

    Good Evening shooters,
    We are getting close to this weekend. Hope we don’t get rained out but we will try to post it on here or FACEBOOK.
    Also please let anyone else know about our new start times this year. For those who do not have internet or FACEBOOK.. We will start registration t 8:30-9:45 and start shooting at 10am. Please be here on time. Groups of 4 also.
    We only accept CASH or CHECK. Please bring smaller bills with you. We will have sausage wraps this year instead of hamburgers. Also chips and drinks..
    Thank you hope to see you and all your friends

  • Sharon Fluitt says:

    This weekend is the ASA shoot at 1099 clear springs rd. FBG… It is Saturday and Sunday. You can shoot 1 day or both. The 2nd day would be a fun shoot. Check the ASA web site for their rules. http://www.asaarchery.com

  • Tim says:

    Are you hosting a 3d shoot this weekend 10th -11th?

  • Sharon Fluitt says:

    Don’t forget about this Sunday the 10th Archery Shoot out on Cave Creek Road at the Stahl Ranch. The address is 25 Stahl Road. The entrance is the next one on the right just watch for our sign. Its on the Fredericksburg City Dump Road for those who live here in Fredericksburg. We start registration at 8:30 to 9:45 and start shooting at 10am. Please be on time we like to have everyone here to listen to announcements. We will have water on course and we will have drinks, and sausage wraps for sale. Also raffle prizes at the end of shoot. Please bring cash we do not accept credit or debit cards. You can also check out our Face Book page and get more details and see photos and updates also. Thank you for joining us and coming to the shoots we do appreciate you all.

  • Robbie Morley says:

    So y’all had the shoot on the 2nd Sunday 10th instead of 3rd Sunday 17th? Or is their a shoot the 17th of June? I sure hope so!
    I so look forward to Fredericksburg shoot!

  • Sharon Fluitt says:

    Well Guys TBOT we had 97 cards turned in it was hot but we had a nice day Saturday. Sunday wasn’t what we wanted as far as amount of shooters. We only had 30 shooters not really sure why. Maybe everyone getting vacations in before school and weather ” HOT”…
    But, we really hope you all join us for our AUGUST shoot as it is the last for the year! We always thank you for shooting with us. We hope next year will be bigger and better and we get a lot more shooters and we can continue the traditions on the Fredericksburg Archery Club for many more years to come. But, it does depends on you the shooter… Thank you all.

  • Sharon Fluitt says:

    August is our final shoot for the year we hope to see you all. The shoot will be the 19th at the Kramer Ranch and it is our BBQ Meal..
    The Entry Fee is $25.00 this is for the shoot and meal. $8.00 is for a guest plate. We will have raffle prizes and will be giving away the big prize of the donated Bow and target from Bow Pros. Please bring family and friends and plan on having a good time. This is a California Start. From 8am-10am start serving lunch by 1pm. Cant wait to see you all

  • Sharon Fluitt says:

    We had a great turn out today 92 shooters. Thank you to all who came out and enjoyed the day with us. We had some great food. Thank you to all our club members for all the help. Thank you Milton Burke and Curtis Klein for cooking the BBQ today and James Neutze for cooking the beans. Clinton Kramer thank you for allowing us to have it on your ranch. We had some really great prizes today also. Thank you for all that made donations to our club. Mamacitas, MR. Gattis, Porkeys, Hartcraft Taxidermy, Cantu Taxidermy, Bow Pros, Kramers, Gibsons, Robert Adams, Napa, Mark Martinez, Roger Lawson, Country Cabin B&B, The Longbow Show & Shop. Thank you again. We will start again in February if you are interested in becoming a member please contact us we would love to have you. Have a great hunting season.

  • Sharon Fluitt says:

    Our new officers have been elected and we want to Thank you all for a great year! I have enjoyed my roll as Treasurer for the past 2 years. I enjoy helping out with our club. If you would like to become a member and be a great helper and to continue are fun, great club please let us know.
    Here is our 2019 Officals
    President: James Neutze
    Vice President: Lance Langehennig
    Secretary: Sonja Neutze
    Treasure: Curtis Kuhlmann
    Range Officers: Keith Curl, Ben Cantu, Gary Sorrola, Steven Nelson and Lonnie Hohmann

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