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The 2017 Season Has Begun!

Meets are held the third Sunday of each month on different Texas Hill Country Ranches.


Call for summer dates.

$20 (adult and youth) Cubs $5 (8-13 years)
Mini-cubs, 7 years and under are free.
Immediate Families $35 for 2 $5. each after up to 4 people

Up to three shooters 1st place only awarded.
4-7 shooters 1st and 2nd place awarded.
8 or more shooters 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awarded.


Introducing the Range Finder Class for Men and Women. Details at the August Shoot.

Men’s Women’s Youth (14-17) Cubs (8-13) Mini Cubs (7 and Under)
Open (except
Traditional Boys Boys
Unlimited Compound Girls Girls
Bow Hunter Range Finder
Range Finder


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  • Sharon Fluitt says:

    We have a Traditional class every shoot. But, in July we are trying to have the TBOT shoot here in Fredericksburg. It isn’t set for sure we are trying to get it set up. Ill be sure to let every one know as soon as we hear something.. If you shoot Traditional come on out and shoot our tournaments with us. Our next on is March 19th at the Stahl Ranch..

  • Jason says:

    Shotgun Start is an unorganized start. Whoever is ready goes first. When they are safely clear then the next group that is ready goes.

    • Jason says:

      Sorry, that’s California start from 1st tartget. Shotgun is everyone starts at same time on any target.

  • Sharon Fluitt says:

    Everyone starts at the same time..
    Everyone will start @12:00

  • Sharon Fluitt says:

    Tomorrows shoot is still on so come on out and enjoy! We will have a lot of new targets for you to shoot at. We will also have a lot of our targets for sale that we replaced. So bring your check book or cash cause we don’t except credit cards!!

    There are a lot of red ants and tall grass and its muddy so wear the appropriate shoes…
    Hope to see you all there bring friends it will be a lot of fun!!!

  • DALE FETZER says:

    Is your range wooded or out in the open areas
    Do you use ALL Mekenzie targets as per ASA Rules

    • Sharon Fluitt says:

      Sorry just saw this! Yes the targets are in wooded areas and a few open! We also have new Mekenzie targets

  • Ray Morales says:

    Where can i look for the asa scores from this weekend

  • Sharon Fluitt says:

    The website for the ASA results from June shoot

  • Sharon Fluitt says:

    July 15th is our TBOT shoot out at Klaehn Ranch 2307 Friedrich Rd. Fredericksburg, Tx check the TBOT website for details on time . Also Sunday is our Regular shoot at the same Location. California Start 8am-10am. Cards in by 3pm Due to the heat.. Please bring sunscreen, hats, water, the right shoes to wear “lots of walking” The terrain is rocky and ruff. It will be hot!! we will have food and water and drinks. Water is on the course… We want you to have fun but we want you to stay safe and be smart! Any questions please contact us.
    my cell is 830-889-4473 Nelson 830-889-3977

  • Sharon Fluitt says:

    Another shoot has come and gone for us. We had a good turn out on this hot July of ours. Saturday was a nice hot day but, we had fun shooting anyway. Special thank you to all that came for our second shoot of the year of the Traditional TBOT shoot.. These shooters are very friendly and a great bunch of people to shoot with. If you haven’t shot with them you really need to come out next year and shoot even if you don’t shoot traditional.. This has been a neat experience for me I know. I now am shooting Recurve. Thank you to Seth Cane from Pro- Build here in Fredericksburg for donating the cups for our water coolers for us to drink out of this month. Sunday we only had 46 shooters a little low but it was hot. August is our last shoot of the year and is our shoot with the meal. It will be out at Kramer Ranch in Doss. And it too is California start so get out there early to beat the heat. 8am is when you can start and can’t shoot after 10am. To all those that set up and take down this takes a lot out of all of us and helping is key lets not leave it to the same ones please and thank you to all that help it is appreciated a lot.. It takes a lot to do all this. Thank you to David Land for doing our cooking he does a lot of work. Remember if you want to be a club member next year we have meetings at Mr.Gatti’s once a month. But, being a member is about helping on the field and up at the tables.. Get with one of us to ask any questions.. thank you all we love having you every month.

    • TBOT says:

      Thank You Fredericksburg Archery Club and land owners for Hosting TBOT. We had a great time!! Great Course. Great Food. Great folks. We look forward to another great time in 2018.

  • Jennifer says:

    For the august shoot no 5’s will be counted towards the final score is that correct? That is what I was understanding from the Facebook post.

  • Sharon Fluitt says:

    I want to Thank A lot who has made some Donations to our August shoot this month for our raffle prizes.
    We have Lochte Feed: who donated a Swivel Tree Stand fits any tree.
    Kustom Klean Car Wash: here in Fredericksburg $50.00 credit for a wash
    David’s Pit BBQ: $ 25.00 gift Certificate
    Sonic: $20.00 gift card
    Napa Auto: 2 9pc screwdriver sets
    Mamacitas: 4 gift certificates
    Jason Maurer: EZ Gut Knife
    Fritztown Cinema: Movie passes
    MR. Gatii’s Pizza: Pizza 2 large 1 topping
    Hartcraft Taxidermy: 5 Whitetail Board Mount
    Express Lube: oil change
    Plus we will have all our other prizes on the table so bring that green stuff out!!
    Please Bring your lawn chairs also we need all the chairs we can get… We will have drinks for sale going around on the course bring change. Bring lots of friends can’t wait to see ya

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